1. Finding My Inner Ironman to Tell My Story

    The crunch of sand, smooshes between my toes. Music in the background turns faint. Snap, go my goggles as I slide them into place. Fluorescent buoys mark a mist covered lake. My eyes scan a swim course that looks far longer than I can handle. My breath grows shallow. The rhythm of my heartbeat, pounds aloud….

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  2. Adopting a Yogi Mentality

    Yogi’s don’t just do yoga. They take on a practice. To become good at yoga (or anything really) takes a significant commitment.  When we develop a practice, our commitment takes on a life of its own. Only through the physical, mental, and spiritual trial and error in our endeavors, do we begin to embody our…

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  3. Peeling Back Another Layer & Taking the Next Step

    When I started, Hanging up My Heels – The True Story of How Stripping Saved My Life, I sent out to tell my story. My real story, whatever that meant. I didn’t think about it much. Instead, I wrote. Well, after crafting a detailed, outline, in chronological order of course. After all, I’m a plotter….

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  4. Campfire Stories & Valuable Lessons in Self Worth

    ILAC & EHSTO: one of my favorite memories from summer camp. (Pronounced I-lack & esto- silent h.) Seated around a crackling campfire, hordes of bright eyed campers watched their counselors perform a skit. The scene was a typical first day at camp with staff members portraying campers. Playing volleyball, making friends, forming clicks, and eventually…

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