1. Pushing Past Self-limits

    Ever get stuck and feel like giving up? Of course, we all do at times. Maybe that new workout routine isn’t, well, quite working. You hate your job. You want a better relationship.  You’re tired and frustrated, and you just don’t have any more to give. You are done, d-o-n-e. Moving on to something new…

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  2. Permission to Start with Your Heart – Just Choose

    Decision making. For some of us, it comes easy. For others, meh… not so much. Some people, like my dad develop a process, like a plus/minus decision making scale. Others, waffle in the in-between. A place were indecision, self-doubt, and confusion become all consuming. Even paralyzing. Have you ever heard the expression, “analysis – paralysis”?…

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  3. Ironman Triathlons & Crazy Talk

    Have you ever had a close friend in your life who brings out the crazy in you? Not the bad kind, like stalker-ex, end up on Jerry Springer, kind of crazy. Rather, that friend who knows you so well, that when you’re both together, you seem to always find a little mischief. The fun kind…

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  4. Adopting a Yogi Mentality

    Yogi’s don’t just do yoga. They take on a practice. To become good at yoga (or anything really) takes a significant commitment.  When we develop a practice, our commitment takes on a life of its own. Only through the physical, mental, and spiritual trial and error in our endeavors, do we begin to embody our…

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