1. Finding My Inner Ironman to Tell My Story

    The crunch of sand, smooshes between my toes. Music in the background turns faint. Snap, go my goggles as I slide them into place. Fluorescent buoys mark a mist covered lake. My eyes scan a swim course that looks far longer than I can handle. My breath grows shallow. The rhythm of my heartbeat, pounds aloud….

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  2. Pushing Past Self-limits

    Ever get stuck and feel like giving up? Of course, we all do at times. Maybe that new workout routine isn’t, well, quite working. You hate your job. You want a better relationship.  You’re tired and frustrated, and you just don’t have any more to give. You are done, d-o-n-e. Moving on to something new…

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  3. Ironman Triathlons & Crazy Talk

    Have you ever had a close friend in your life who brings out the crazy in you? Not the bad kind, like stalker-ex, end up on Jerry Springer, kind of crazy. Rather, that friend who knows you so well, that when you’re both together, you seem to always find a little mischief. The fun kind…

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