1. The Often Overlooked Art of Forgiveness

    Heavy is the heart burdened with injustice. A miscommunication, an unfulfilled promise, or a hurt that can never be undone; it happens so easily. Words get said. Promises get broken. People never seem to behave in the ways we think they should—at least for very long. I’d like to believe that at the core of…

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  2. Bambi Legs – Taking it Easy & Trying Again

    It’s time. Renewed energy. Increased focus. A familiar desire. You know the feeling. And, all of the old adages. “Dust yourself off, and try again.” Or, “if at first you don’t succeed.. ” For you, that could mean reentering the dating scene. (Gasp!) For someone else, it’s time to polish off the old resume, or…

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