1. Permission to Start with Your Heart – Just Choose

    Decision making. For some of us, it comes easy. For others, meh… not so much. Some people, like my dad develop a process, like a plus/minus decision making scale. Others, waffle in the in-between. A place were indecision, self-doubt, and confusion become all consuming. Even paralyzing. Have you ever heard the expression, “analysis – paralysis”?…

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  2. Adopting a Yogi Mentality

    Yogi’s don’t just do yoga. They take on a practice. To become good at yoga (or anything really) takes a significant commitment.  When we develop a practice, our commitment takes on a life of its own. Only through the physical, mental, and spiritual trial and error in our endeavors, do we begin to embody our…

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  3. Bambi Legs – Taking it Easy & Trying Again

    It’s time. Renewed energy. Increased focus. A familiar desire. You know the feeling. And, all of the old adages. “Dust yourself off, and try again.” Or, “if at first you don’t succeed.. ” For you, that could mean reentering the dating scene. (Gasp!) For someone else, it’s time to polish off the old resume, or…

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  4. A Reminder to Be Patient & Enjoy the Ride

    Ever want something so badly you obsess over it? Not, a sparkly new dress, or super lightweight runners. I mean, something less tangible. Something deeper. Like, if I could just figure out, “X,” everything would fall into place.  For some of us, “X” is money. Others crave love. My quest has been career related. It…

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